Our s.p.h!TM  school program

Our Program

We train and equip high-school students to host our s.p.h!TM  croquet program as an outing every two weeks for the residents of a local senior community. We believe in the power of play to create connection and well-being across the generations.


In 2008, on a summer vacation by the coast in Cornwall, England, James Creasey discovered new connections with his father in the silence and confusion of his dementia. Playing together, they both smiled.


James returned to Denver, Colorado and founded Jiminy Wicket. Since then, we have played croquet with people from 123 different countries, from 2 years old to 103 years old. They all go home with a pocketful of smiles!

Your donations help us acquire croquet equipment, train students to play with their senior guests, and grow the number of participating schools and senior communities.

There are many ways you can get involved. We welcome schools, senior communities and individuals who want to join our effort. Contact us to find the best way you can participate.

Our mission is to transform the isolation and loneliness of aging and Alzheimer's into connection, laughter and smiles across generations by playing croquet together.

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