Our Program

Through Hoops to Hope is a program for high schools and senior communities.

We play croquet with people who are living with Alzheimer’s disease. We train and equip high-school students to do the same, creating outings, every two weeks, for the residents of a local senior community.


Our award winning Through Hoops to Hope service/learning program reduces the stigma around Alzheimer's disease and provides a profoundly simple way for inter-generational connection, laughter and smiles. Everyone goes home with a pocketful of smiles!


We play indoors on artificial turf in school gyms taking weather out of the equation.

We can play in heat of summer and the chills of winter. We include people with walker frames and wheelchairs all year long.


Through Hoops to Hope is a high benefit, low cost program engaging people with a wide range of cognitive and physical abilities. Playing together increases the emotional, physical and social well-being of young and old alike, it is the most age-friendly, gender-neutral game in the world.


We have three components:

1. A 20 minute TED-type talk about Alzheimer's Disease, croquet and how we can make a difference today. This is followed by 40min of croquet games. (Approx. 60min)

2. Students then host Through Hoops to Hope croquet, partnering with their guests from a local senior community in their school gymnasium on our artificial grass. (Approx. 60min)

3. Repeat session 2 - once a week or every two weeks. Whenever possible, the students are paired up with the same seniors, strengthening the connection between them. (Approx. 60min)

The top 5 benefits of Jiminy Wicket croquet:

  • Offers educational, inter-generational and community service/learning

  • Provides cognitive stimulation, social engagement and physical exercise

  • Raises awareness and reduces the stigma and isolation of aging and Alzheimer’s

  • Teaches the top 3 things to avoid and the 3 best things to do for a longer and healthier life

  • Creates inter-generational connection, laughter and lots of s.p.h!TM . . . Smiles per hour!

Contact us to bring Through Hoops to Hope to your school or senior community.