People are saying...

Maxwell Creasey’s family says…

“I thought it was going to be a waste of time. Boy was I wrong!”

Pat, wife of 61 years


“I watched my Dad come back, just a little, each time we played.”

Kate, daughter


“Croquet gave my father and his family a way to connect that nothing else could. Put a croquet mallet in his hand, and he would stand up straighter with a twinkle in his eye again.”

Andrew, son  


“I had never played croquet before so we kept it very simple. It was good for both of us… physical and mental coordination, fresh air, exercise, concentration and much more.”

Sarah, daughter


“My shoulders sank and I began the long walk down the garden to retrieve my ball. Then Grandpa did something which made me realize his competitive edge and humour were still with him. As I walked past him, we smiled at one another; he waved at me and said, ‘Cheerio!’ We both laughed and carried on.”

Tom, grandson


“Croquet was a chance to enjoy summer evenings and winter days surrounded by love and companionship.”

Maya, granddaughter

Students, seniors and companions are saying…

“I absolutely love it! It’s my favourite part of the week – every week!

Billie, student at Oakham School on Rutland Radio



“They told me this was going to be fun. They didn’t say it would be this much fun!” 




“This has completely changed my view of young people!” 




“Our physical therapists have started a men’s croquet group. We can see the benefits in their dynamic balance, socialization and ability to participate in a ‘familiar’ activity. This has been unexpected fun.”

Karen Kurtzweil, Rehab Director

Life Care Centers of America  


“I am continually amazed at how Jiminy Wicket enables all our residents to participate. Croquet gives them a chance to be physically active, to interact and have fun, even with walkers and wheel chairs.”

Judi Pring, Reminiscence Coordinator

Sunrise Senior Living, CO


“I cannot tell you how much our students enjoyed their time with the senior folks…they were so touched and are excited to do it again very soon.”

Dana Starbuck, Staff Sponsor

South High School

Leaders are saying…

“This is an innovative Colorado grown initiative, and . . . I do hereby proclaim September 21, 2011 Jiminy Wicket Day in the State of Colorado.”

John Hickenlooper

Governor of the State of Colorado


“I’m really interested to watch where this goes.”

Charles Lazarus

Founder & Chairman Emeritus Toys R Us, member US Croquet Association 


“Being a clinician and a scientist I wanted to see the ‘evidence’. The smiles and the laughter of the young and old, the healthy and the physically and cognitively impaired, was enough for me.”

Kevin O’Neil MD, Chief Medical Officer

Brookdale Senior Living


“Jiminy Wicket has brought energy and joy to people living with dementia. We are thrilled to be able to offer an activity most grew up with, to connect with other families and to go home feeling more relaxed and connected!”

Linda Mitchell, President

Colorado Chapter, Alzheimer’s Association


“From all the initiatives I have seen around the world, Jiminy Wicket is one of the most sympathetic and elegant ways to raise awareness. It is simple, easy-to-do and above all great fun! I highly recommend this to help living with dementia and overcoming its stigma.”

Marc Wortman, Executive Director

Alzheimer’s Disease International, London


“This is powerful, innovative and imaginative.”

George Vradenburg, former EVP Global Strategy, AOL Time Warner

President of USAgainst Alzheimer’s – a major catalyst for the inception of Dementia Friendly America